Creative Producer  

Inviting applicants for collaborating and developing creative projects with Yantra Studio. 


You will create strategies for the development of content at Yantra Studio. This includes applying for markets, forums, and pitches.

You will also find collaborators, co-producers, funds and grants for the content to be developed.

You will work and communicate with the creative team at Yantra.


Education in film production or content production. Any other Film-related education is also suitable.

Knowledge about application processes is ideal but not necessary. But you must be able to create online applications.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills are an advantage. 

Motivated to work in film and content development.

Aspirations to be a film and content producer.

Have experience in managing/creating a production.

This position would suit a candidate who is self-motivated and able to manage their time on their own.

Reimbursements depend on experience and expertise and will follow a commission-based agreement.

Please apply with CV to info at

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